Open Portal Guard   


Open Portal Guard protects the sensitive services of your portal through a

In support of manageability, it further

Development Philosophy

Open Portal Guard uses existing and proven standards as much as possible.  This includes: The implementation reuses as much existing and proven open source software as possible. This includes:


Among the planned features are:

Origin and Purpose

The Open Portal Guard project was initiated by the Town of Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy, to provide secure e-government services for citizens using one of the official national smartcards for authentication:
The Town of Grosseto has chosen an open source approach for various reasons including:
Grosseto is thus seeking collaboration with:
A long term interest of Grosseto is to experiment new ways of collaboration between Public Administration and the private sector and how to build up an economically viable market for open source products for public administration. 

To participate or know more, please contact Bud P Bruegger  or
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